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Cody Hogan standing in front of a restaurant

Cody Hogan

Executive Chef

Before being distracted by food, Lidia’s Executive Chef Cody Hogan was a classical pianist. While studying music in Germany as a Rotary scholar, Cody became interested in the culinary arts and found himself a few years later working at Chez Panisse. In 1998, he began to work with Lidia Bastianich, with whom he has worked for the past two decades. Cody takes a return to the back of the house as Executive Chef after being appointed General Manager of the restaurant in 2017. Hogan also has the enviable position of being Lidia’s traveling assistant, food stylist, and the studio chef for her Emmy-nominated television program in which he occasionally appears on camera. Cody has been extremely active in promoting great local farms and products in the Midwest. He teaches regularly at the Culinary Center of Kansas City and is an avid gardener.