Gift Cards

Introducing New Ways of Gifting

Lidia’s Kansas City is proud to offer new gifting services that are sure to make your life easier (and win you the top spot on your friends’ lists, too).

Electronic Gift Cards
For the busy, the eco-conscious and the forgetful: Our eGift Card is your new BFF. The important people in your life will instantly receive something to smile about while you get to save your reputation and minimize your carbon footprint at the same time. Can you say quick, thoughtful and green?

E-Gift Shop
If you’re more inclined to browse for tangible gifts, our new online gift store showcases seasonal handpicked menu items your friends can enjoy on location with us.

Facebook Gifts
Social, connected and constantly on the go? Lidia’s got your back. With just a few clicks, you can give any Facebook friend the gift of good food. Plus, your thoughtful gesture (sans monetary value) gets posted on their profile for some built-in positive karma.

Traditional Gift Cards
Last but not least, Lidia’s Kansas City is happy to provide the classic plastic gift card sent by mail for the purists out there. Not so instant, but not too shabby either, the gift rests in our signature cardholder with your personal message, all packaged with care by Lidia’s concierge team.

And there you have it. More than a few ways to make a lot of loved ones happy. Enjoy your newfound popularity and buon appetito, courtesy of Lidia’s Kansas City.


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